Athlete Story – Brady

What brought you to Final Call in the first place?

Nick had been on me for years to give CrossFit a shot. I was in a lethargic workout rut when he pitched Final Call to me, and when he described how the gym operated I decided to give it a shot. 

What was your first impression?

I was intimidated by the workout movements and worried that the workouts were designed for hyper-athletes.  Mostly, I was hesitant because of the (incorrect) stereotype that CrossFit workouts expose you to more chances at injury. 

How has that changed?

All of those apprehensions were relieved on day one.  

-The workout movements are scaled perfectly to each individual athlete so that they have the hardest workout possible while staying within their means. 

-There is an extremely diverse crowd in the gym and absolutely no judgement. Everyone is friendly and encouraging which creates an inclusive atmosphere. 

-Every single day the coaches begin the class by asking if anyone has any soreness or injury, and the workouts are individually adjusted accordingly.  On top of that, even the most basic workout movements are reviewed and practiced daily, and coaches will stop you if you are doing any movement that puts you at risk for injury. 

What was your first “bright spot”?

In my first week we were doing wall handstands – something I had never even attempted.  Lacey showed me exactly how to do it, and had me doing my first handstand push up within three minutes. It’s cool to surprise yourself by doing things you had never considered trying or thought that you could do. 

What are you working on now?

Beating Frank in rowing.  jk

Right now I’m using my WHOOP fitness tracker to see how different daily factors (sleep, nutrition, exercise) affect my overall health. I then use that data to push myself on days when I should, and manage my workouts when I need to focus on recovery.  We have a WHOOP group at Final Call and I can bounce ideas off the other members who use it, which is nice. 

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself before you walked into Final Call for the first time?

There is nothing to be nervous about and it’s addicting.  Final Call kicks my butt every single day, and I still look forward to coming to the next class. 

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