Athlete Story – Nichole

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining CrossFit Final Call Vincennes? 

You will be incredibly glad you did! The coaches are amazingly supportive and encouraging, and will push you to achieve your goals in fitness and nutrition. And let me just say—I love working out with everyone in class!! From the coaches to the other members—its a family atmosphere and there are no better cheerleaders to help you push through each workout! No matter what fitness level anyone is at—we all make sure everyone crosses that finish line. Leaving class each day—I find myself on that post-workout high and can’t wait for that next workout!

What’s changed in your life since you joined CrossFit Final Call Vincennes?

I find myself dealing with life’s daily stressors (work, family etc) so much better. Physically and mentally, I feel SOOOO much better than before I started at CFFC. I have always loved working out, but have a renewed love and appreciation for group classes and the accountability, support and camaraderie that is cultivated in each and every class. I’ve also learned to make small goals and celebrate those achievements along the way to my long-term goals. 

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