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We Exist Because..

Final Call Fitness and Nutrition in Vincennes exists because our team wants to change the way people in our community think about and act on

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Compete With You

Reject the idea that you are in competition with others. The Latin word for “competition” is competere, meaning “to strive with,” not “to strive against.”

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Self Compassion

Having compassion for oneself is no different than having compassion for others. To begin, we cannot have compassion for others if we do not know

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If You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re restarting your fitness or nutrition journey, keep the following in mind: Find something you really think you’ll stick with for the rest of

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Athlete Story – Nichole

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining CrossFit Final Call Vincennes?  You will be incredibly glad you did! The coaches are amazingly

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