Meet The Team – Jennifer

Jennifer is one of our amazing nutrition coaches. She has her PN1 certification along with a vast history of nutrition knowledge.

Where did you grow up / where are you from?

I grew up out in the country in Sullivan county Indiana and literally married the boy next door! He lived 5 miles away but only two houses between us. We didn’t farm but I was outside all the time. I had 2 square mile blocks that were my front and back yard. I did CrossFit before it was a thing. Climbing trees, swinging on vines, jumping creeks and running up and down hills.

What do you do for fun?

I still love getting outside. I like to be active whether that’s hiking, kayaking or riding my bike. Our vacations typically include various activities we’ve whitewater rafted, kayaked the bijou, rode bikes through wine country, hiked Havasu Falls, surfed and ran marathons. And that’s why I do CrossFit.

When you were a kid what did you want to grow up to become?

That kid just wanted to grow up and be outside doing stuff. At one point she thought maybe an archeologist because she could explore places and she liked imagining how people lived and created things

Why do you do CrossFit?

 I want to be able to do these things as long as possible. I want to play tag and ride bikes with my grandkids. I want to travel and explore places in fun and unique ways. I don’t want to sit on sidelines watching the fun I want to be part of it!

What made you decide to become a coach at Final Call?

After spending several years trying to out run my fork I learned more about nutrition and saw a big difference in how I felt and functioned after cleaning up my diet. I have shared this information in many ways. When the opportunity to be a nutrition coach  came along it seemed like a natural extension to what I was already doing. I love seeing others experience the same changes I did. Discovering that they can feel better, fitter, faster and even younger!

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