Member Of The Month: Mallory

Why did you join Final Call?

I was pretty active and going to the gym every day, but I was getting tired of the same workouts and using the same elliptical machine every time. I wanted to try something new and challenging and I liked the idea of working out in a group.

What’s your biggest bright spot since joining Final Call?

I actually have 2 bright spots. The first is the amount of muscle I have been able to build since joining and seeing the little changes in my body. The second bright spot is the friends I have made. We are all working together to being healthier versions of ourselves and I have been able to make life-long friends who I hand out with on a regular basis outside of the gym now.

What would you say to someone on the fence about jointing Final Call?

If someone was on the fence about joining Final Call I would tell them that I was exactly the same way. I wanted a change, but I was also very apprehensive of my capabilities and being accepted in a new place. But I can now say, a year and half later, that I do not regret my decision to join and I am so happy that I did. Everyone works at their own pace toward their own individual goals and we come together to exercise and have a good time :blush:

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